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Grumpy DJ?

I am a big fan of React an even bigger fan of Redux. I also love the Solid Steel Podcast quality mixes by different DJs every week, what's not to love. Well apparently getting your mix picked by Solid Steel for their weekly podcast is not to love. Follow the link and take a look, every mix has a picture of the chosen DJ, most seem somewhat unhappy or are they? How to tell…….

By over engineering it that how! So I built this little web application using React, Redux, Typescript and the amazing Microsoft Emotion Api.

What does it do? Well using the Mixcloud API it fetches all the Solid Steel Podcast metadata and sends each picture to the Emotion API for analysis.  Lets have a look at the results.


As we can see HNNY seems rather neutral,



Whereas Jungle, ah well this isn't really helping my case.

2016-06-03 (1)


Lets take a look at a few more

Fracture? not looking too cheery.

2016-06-03 (2)


Rob Da Bank? not unhappy.

2016-06-03 (3)


JD Twich? now that's better, looking quite moody, but neutral apparently.

2016-06-03 (5)


Paeleh? neutral apparently but I detect a hint of a smile creeping in.

2016-06-03 (4)


So what have we proved here?

  1. react, redux , typescript, webpack are amazing tools for building web apps
  2. Some DJs don't seem very happy about getting mixes onto Solid Steel.
  3. The Microsoft Emotion API is very clever.
  4. I may have too much time on my hands.

Well the codes all here up on my Git repository. You will need to get your own Microsoft Emotion API key to test it but that's pretty quick and easy to do, just follow the link and click the ‘Get Started’ button. When you have your generated key search the code for the string [your key here]] and replace with your key.