Greater Heights Ltd

Azure & .net Software Consultants


We provided .net consultancy for the UKHO’s first SOA implementation. This system is a re-write of an existing client server chart production system for Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC). When complete it will act as reference implementation for the UKHO.

The development used WCF for all service implementation and WF as an interim composition environment.

Lead .net consultants for production of metadata systems management and integration tools. Our team created a number of ETL tools allowing the UKHO to collate and verify metadata for approximately 20,000 paper and digital publications on a weekly basis.

We designed a metadata repository to store all product information including prices, status and geographic limits. This system was fed by a number of WF 4.0 activities exposed as WCF service endpoints. The data was presented to users via a MVC 3 web client.

The team also created a number of WCF services to expose data from legacy Oracle, Ingres and Sql Server applications to the metadata store.

To ensure data quality before publishing catalogue data the data team produced a WPF application to compare and analyse the xml catalogues. This graphical tool uses a rules engine developed using MEF to apply comparisons between catalogue data from different weeks. These rules ensured that navigational products don’t jump hemispheres, that prices don’t drop to zero and edition numbers increment the right way.