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Azure & .net Software Consultants


SOCA secured our services to develop crime intelligence systems.

Our team created the secure data exchange service to automatically manage the transfer of data between private, restricted and confidential networks. The solution was a configurable windows service making heavy use of to inject the required functionality. The system was high availability operationally significant.

Our team was pivotal in designing a system for the cross matching of data from multiple data sources. These data sources came in many formats and structures such as csv, xls, and databases. This system allowed data to be stored in a common format and was exposed to the existing federated search and cross matching services.

We were responsible for developing a number of services to extract data from intelligence systems, encrypting and making ready for transmission to partner agencies. A number of these systems held operationally significant data and required the design and implementation of activity monitoring systems. These ensured teams were kept informed of queries against data involving live operations.